Welcome to the Tesla Rumors  Blog.  Here you will find my observations, and thoughts about Tesla Motors, their cars, reactions to news, and ideas.   Enjoy!




Tesla Motors Dealership in Los Angeles

I decided to create this website because I wanted to have a place where I could share ideas, thoughts, news, and photos about what I think is the next “big thing.”   All of us have grown up with fossil-fuel based vehicles and only in recent years has that been challenged.  I believe Tesla Motors is doing things right.  They have packaged vehicles that are better for our environment, better for our economy and aesthetically exciting.  They are slowly addressing the whole marketplace, having started with the Roadster at a high price, the upcoming Tesla S and X at a mid price, and ultimately a lower priced vehicle in a few years.   I’m sure this will be an amazing life-changing story that we’ll look back at years from now.

Max Mindel

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