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The Model X Reveal Experience

Friend Dr. Ian Taras with CEO Elon Musk


Last night, I had the privilege of being among the first to see the Tesla Model X.  The event was as exciting as one could expect from a new Tesla vehicle reveal.  The anticipation was invigorating, the buzz was motivating, and the actual viewing of the Model X was mesmerizing.  This was no regular evening.  After all, we were all there to watch Tesla Motors once again show us a glimpse of the future while we all again became part of another historically significant event.    more...

Did I really just buy a car online?


Today, as I was driving, I realized that it had been exactly one month from the date that I put a deposit down on my Tesla Model S.  My mind wandered off into the experience I had in ordering it.   Tesla Motors has been showcasing the Tesla Model S from its website for some time now.  From the website’s Design Studio, I was able to choose between a standard production model or a Signature model.  more...

Can’t afford a Tesla Car?

We think you can!

Did you know that the cost per mile when driving an EV (electric vehicle) is a fraction of what it costs to travel that same mile in a regular gasoline-fueled car?  Electric Vehicles are significantly more efficient.  They’re even more efficient than hybrid vehicles!  As a result, a higher priced car becomes affordable because your cost for gasoline is greatly reduced during your span of ownership.  (We call this Teslanomics).  If you are used to filling up your tank with $50, $60, $70 or even $80 of gasoline, you’ll be pleased to find out more...

My Tesla Model S is almost free!

My Lexus RX300 doesn’t get great mileage, it’s a pretty average 16 mpg according to my car’s mileage calculator.  But I don’t know if that’s accurate.  According to a study by Edmunds, they find that cars overestimate mileage commonly.  I know that I’m filling up my tank about every 5 to 6 days, at about $60 per tank fill.  That’s $300 per month, and $3600 per year!

If I were to calculate this for 10 years, that would be $36,000 in gasoline!  However, gas won’t always be around $4.00 per gallon.  In fact, from what I read, analysts are predicting that gas will be double in price from what it is now by 2020.  Ouch! more...

Think you can’t go far enough in an EV?  Think again.

The Tesla Model S base model has a 160 mile range.   There is also a 230 and 300 mile range version of the Model S, but that comes at at a premium.  It costs an additional $10,000 for the 230 mile and $20,000 for the 300 mile battery packs.  But do you need it?  Research has shown that 78% of average commuters travel 40 miles or less.  But there will always be days or weekends with an exception.  But with 160 miles, you’ll be covered.   Perhaps though, there’s that once-a-year trip where you’ll need to travel more miles than your EV will get you.  But that’s not a reason to pay high prices at the pump for that single trip.  

If you happen to be in a 2 or more car family and one of those cars happen to be a gasoline-powered vehicle, then make that your once-a-year long distance vacation vehicle.  You can always rent a car too.  Also consider, that over time charging stations that will appear in greater number throughout the nation, depending on where you live and you’ll be able to stop off to “refuel” your body, while your recharge your car.

If your commute is greater than the what a Model S offers you, well, then maybe an EV isn’t quite ready for you yet.  But you can except that as battery technology evolves, we’ll be seeing EV vehicles with ranges of 500 and even 1000 miles arrive in the next few years.


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At, our goal is to create awareness of the potential of Electric Vehicles and particularly around those created by Tesla Motors.  This is because we find Tesla Motors to be the first EV car manufacturer to not make design sacrifices.  Finally we can have a zero-emission car that is for the environmentally conscious, that is economically sound, and is one that people actually want instead of having to settle for.  Together we wish to share information, ideas, thoughts, excitement and speculation about what we believe to be the next big thing.

Thank you Tesla Motors for showing the world that a car with a better fuel solution is possible today.  We look forward to watching you change the world.


The average residential cost for electricity varies somewhat throughout the states, and varies greatly particularly in Hawaii where the costs is 37.53 cents per KWH.  That cost is almost 2-1/2 times higher than the 15.27 cents per KWH price in California; not that California is not a bargain state when it comes to residential electricity costs.  The real bargains are in states like Idaho and more...

New Car Value Index Reveals Best Deals

Today, the least expensive Porsche, sells for $48,000 while a basic Toyota Camry sells for $21,000.  If I told you that I’d sell you a brand new 2012 Porsche for the same price as a brand new Toyota Camry, wouldn’t you grab that opportunity in an instant?  more... 

5 Year Ownership costs of Tesla Model S vs a Toyota

In the table below, cost of ownership is estimated for the purchase of new 2011 and 2012 Toyota and Tesla Model S.  The purpose is to compare your estimated cost of ownership for 5 years to a Toyota vehicle you may potentially buy, to that of a Tesla Model S.   Here cost of ownership is calculated by adding the following: more...

The Signature Tesla Model S has a $3,550 Price Premium

For those of you who have fronted the $40k for the Signature version, you no longer have to wonder if was the right choice after all, and those who were on the fence can now decide whether or not you will stay put or join the bandwagon and upgrade to a Signature Model S.  The Signature version does include all the bells and whistles, however, if you don’t opt for some of the more expensive options like the signature-red or pearl-white paint, or choose the 19” wheels instead of the 21” performance wheels, there doesn’t appear to be any credit more...


A Brief History of EVs

Ironically, EV’s (electric vehicles) were invented in 1832!  The first practical EV was built in 1835.  These used regular batteries, so you couldn’t recharge them.  In 1859, that changed when a french physicist invented the rechargeable battery.  The first successful electric vehicle was built by William Morrison in Des Moines, Iowa.  By 1895 a variety of different manufacturers exhibited electric cars in Chicago and four years later, the first electric taxi appeared roaming the streets of New York City. more...

How Tesla Motors Began

Elon Musk came to California in 1995 with a goal to commercialize electric vehicles.  So he set off to Stanford University to complete graduate studies in applied physics and materials science with a plan to create ultra-capacitors with sufficient energy to power electric cars.  He had already earned undergraduate degrees in economics and physics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business which he attended with a scholarship.  more...

With every revolution, there is change. After all, one of the definitions of "revolution" is exactly that, "change", or to be more precise per, "a sudden, complete or marked change in something."  As we embark on a revolution in personal transportation, we are learning about these changes as they surface.  We already know that we won't be able to fully refuel our EV's within minutes like we do with our gasoline-fueled vehicles, but in exchange, we'll have the benefit of waking up to a fully-fueled(charged) vehicle that was fueled from the comfort of our homes while we sleep more...

Electric Vehicles are the Future:
Believe the Hype!

This afternoon I read an article written by John R, for The Motley Fool,  entitled, “Don't’ Believe the Electric Car Hype”  After reading this title, I figured I’d be in for an EV-bashing ride of arguments as to why EVs (electric vehicles) will never be successful.  The article wasn’t as bad as I expected.  Instead, the writer, John R., takes the reader gently through his arguments while subtly praising electric vehicles along the way.  His arguments though, are full of holes and I’ll reveal those in a bit.  It’s unfortunate that more...

Tesla Reinvents the Car Buying Experience

On Monday, November 21st,  I had the good fortune of being able to visit one of Tesla’s new dealerships.  This, like other of these Tesla Motors retail locations have been placed in shopping malls!   This one is located in the Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, California; just a 1-1/2 hour drive away from my home in Los Angeles. 

As I drove there I thought, should I be calling this a dealership?  Isn’t a dealership a place where car dealers sell cars?  In the case of Tesla Motors, they are selling their cars directly; more...

The Signature Version of the Model S is Sold Out in the USA!

The Tesla Model S Signature is the top-of-the-line version of the Model S which has been limited to production of 1000 cars total in the USA.  The difference between a Signature version of this car and the standard production version, is that it comes with many options included at no additional charge.  If you’re buying a production model, you can add those options for a price which you may read about here.  It also comes with exclusive options more...

S Options & Pricing Observations

On Dec 20, 2011, Tesla Motors released their list of options and pricing for the Model S.  It was exciting and at the same time it was a reality check for many of us.  The total cost that you thought you might spend on a Model S probably went up for many of us, especially since those who were considering a 160 mile 40kwh battery, may be reconsidering and now opting for a 230 mile 60kwh battery.    more...

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