Model S Options may be disclosed on Dec 15




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Saturday, Dec 10, 2011 by Max Mindel

The one thing you’ll find when reserving an a Telsa Model S, is that there aren’t many options to choose from besides exterior color, roof-type (panoramic glass or not), and wheel size.  So it leaves all of us pondering what about interior choices, and other choices like heated or cooled-seats?  But more importantly, many of us are wondering, how much will all of these options cost?  We know that the car cost $57,400* (before the $7500 federal tax credit) and that it includes a 160 mile battery.  We also know that to step up to a 230 mile battery costs an additional $10,000, and to step up to a 300 mile battery costs an additional $20,000.  So ultimately, even with the options we know about, we really have no idea what the total cost of a Model S will be with selected options.

So when will we know about these options.  According to the Tesla website, this will all be disclosed this winter.  But that means it could be as early as December 22nd or as late as March 19th. 

Fortunately, we have a rumor we picked up on the forum.  On December 3, 2011, Peter S. writes, They indicated that further details would be posted/released on 12/15! We shall see.”  If this is true, we look forward to knowing more in a few days.  If not, then we look forward to finding out sometime this winter.


Model S Options may be disclosed on Dec. 15th