Model S Signature Cars Sold Out in the U.S.


Model S Signature Cars are Sold Out in the USA


Tuesday, Jan 8, 2012 by Max Mindel

The Tesla Model S Signature is the top-of-the-line version of the Model S which has been limited to production of 1000 cars total in the USA.  The difference between a Signature version of this car and the standard production version, is that it comes with many options included at no additional charge.  If you’re buying a production model, you can add those options for a price which you may read about here.  It also comes with exclusive options which include unique Signature badging, enhanced leather interior, and also priority delivery.  So those who have a Signature model reserved, will be among the first 1,000 people to receive their Model S. 

But if you were putting off ordering your Tesla Model S Signature version or already had a production order that you were planning to upgrade, you may be in for some disappointment.  The Model S Signature version, is completely sold out!  In fact, they appear to be oversold.  Perhaps that’s because any reservation, Signature or non-Signature may still be cancelled with a full refund.

If you go to the Tesla Motors’ Design Studio, it may seem like you can still order a Signature model since you can still select it when you begin the process.  But you will end up on a page that let’s you now that the Signature version is sold out and gives you an option to reserve a standard production version instead.  

On April 9, 2011, a discussion group was initiated on the forum at the website to try to figure out and track how many Model S cars had been reserved, including how many of those were Signature models.  This information was gathered from other streams on the web. The individual that created the discussion group had been assigned Signature number 249 in the queue.  By April 23, a confirmation came in from an individual that had upgraded from a regular production model to a Signature and was assigned number 267.  Today, this discussion group reveals that 1,017 Signature models have been reserved (along with 6,606 production models).  Thus, in a short 8 months, the remaining Signature Model S cars have been spoken for.

On December 21, 2011, after Tesla Motors released information regarding all of the available options, pricing, and differentiation between the Production and Signature models of the Model S, some Signature-model buyers felt resentment.  They felt that there wasn’t enough differentiation or exclusivity in buying a Signature version since a production Model S could be equipped with all of the options (except for the exclusive ones I mentioned previously).  This was especially felt because in doing this comparison, it was discovered after adding those options to a production version, the Signature cost $3,550 more.   That is then the price for first delivery, signature badging, and enhanced leather interior.  Clearly over 1,000 see the value in the uniqueness of the limited production run, and are eager to take delivery of their vehicles despite that or perhaps have faith that there may be some other differentiating features that have not yet been disclosed.  Surely, these limited 1000 cars will take their place in history as a unique relatively small production of the first premium electric sedan.

If you were really hoping to get a Signature model, you don’t have to give up your hopes quite yet.  Yes...there is a wait-list!  So if you’re looking to buy a Signature model or upgrade to one from your existing reservation, you should contact Tesla right way so you can secure yourself that best possible spot on that wait-list.  Unfortunately, as the list grows, so will the diminishing likelihood that you will be able to get one of the 1000 limited USA Signature Model S cars.

Good luck!


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