The Signature Model S has a $3,550 Premium


The Signature Model S has a $3,550 Premium


Tuesday, Dec 21, 2011 by Max Mindel


For those of you who have fronted the $40k for the Signature version, you no longer have to wonder if was the right choice after all, and those who were on the fence can now decide whether or not you will stay put or join the bandwagon and upgrade to a Signature Model S.  The Signature version does include all the bells and whistles, however, if you don’t opt for some of the more expensive options like the signature-red or Shasta Pearl-white paint, or choose the 19” wheels instead of the 21” performance wheels, there doesn’t appear to be any credit or price reduction.  This could potentially change in the future, but at the time being, there is nothing that indicates this is as a possibility.  If you don’t plan on downgrading, or don’t mind NOT being compensated for the price difference of a downgrade and simply like the idea of having one of a 1000 number limited collection of cars, unique “Signature” badging, and being among the first to have it delivered, have to have a the “signature-red” color and also want white leather, then the Signature may be right for you. 


If being among the first to take delivery, having limited edition badging and having Signature-exclusive options is not that important to you, and you really rather save some money because there are some expensive options included in the Signature that you don’t want or need, then perhaps buying a production non-signature model may be a better choice for you.   A great place to start would be to compare the cost of a Signature model with no extra options to a production (non-signature) model with every possible option added to make is as close to a Signature model in features. 

In the list below, we see that the total comes out to $84,350.  The cost of an equally equipped Signature costs $87,900, that’s $3,550 more!  For that $3,550, you are getting the a car with Signature badging, which potentially may have better resale value in the future, as well as optional white leather interior, and early delivery. 

If you’re planning on opting out of the $3750 tech package, the $3500 21” wheels, and opt out of the $1500 multi-coat paints and select a $750 metallic color instead, your price would only be $76,350 [$84,350-($3750+$3750+750)$8000], a full $11,500 less than the cost of a Signature.  If your need to travel 300 miles is rare and a 230 mile battery will suffice, it may be wise to also get the 230 mile battery for $10,000 less instead and use that saved $10k to rent a car for those rare occasions that you need to travel further.  Having extra battery power that you rarely use is like having an extra tank of gas that you keep on filling but never using. 

Without the revisions to the options mentioned above and a 230 mile battery, your total cost would be $66,350 instead of $87,900--that’s a $21,500 savings.

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