I received $511.94 free last year.

How I earned a discount (sort of)



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This is my own personal account as of January 5, 2012.

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Many of us are interested in buying a Tesla because of the financial benefit as well as the environmental benefit.  Let’s face it.  Paying $300-$400 per year for fuel (electricity) is a lot better than paying $2500-$4000 (gasoline).   I personally, am looking forwarding to that savings every day after I get my Tesla Model S.  

Any money we save, is money we can use somewhere else.   So, I wanted to share something with all of you that I’ve been using.  It has saved me $1,600 so far.   I really shouldn’t say “saved”, I should say, “got returned to me.”  This is extra money for vacations, even car accessories, or you can look at it the way I do, its money that will help fund my Tesla Model S, so I end up paying less for it.  

I like to think of it as a “DISCOUNT on my Tesla Model S.”  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

I shop online, and I suppose if you’re online looking at this, there’s a good chance that you do too.  I just take one extra step every time I shop.  I go to a website called “Mr. Rebates.”  (<--you can click on it here)   From there, I search for the online store I want to shop at, and then click on it.  (The online stores are the same popular ones I’m sure you shop at already).  I get a small window that confirms the percentage or amount of rebate that I’ll get 90 days from my shopping day and I just wait for the money to show up.

It’s really easy and you only have something to gain from it.  If you click on the Mr. Rebates on this site, you’ll also help support us with the cost of maintaining this website and continuing our research, which we hope you are finding value in.  If you buy something and you get a rebate of let’s say $10.00, they’ll reward us 20% of those $10.00, that is,$2.00.   It won’t take away any of your rebates; you still get those $10.00, it’s just their way of thanking us for referring you to them.  When you refer your friends and family, you too will get 20% of whatever rebates they get.  So you can actually get more rebates than from what you spend.

Try it.  You have nothing to lose, but rather, only to gain.  I know this might sound and look like an infomercial, but it’s not.  This is real.  You won’t get any spam, and you can elect whether or not you want to receive any emails from Mr. Rebates.  I personally like to, because it reminds me to use Mr. Rebates every time I shop online.

I received $511.94 in 2011! 
and that’s because I really started using it a lot more last year.  I’ve had it for about 5 years, and so far I’ve received over $1600.00 in rebates.  Not bad, right?  

You’ll want to thank me after you sign up and start seeing those online shopping rebates come in, but for now, I want to thank you for signing up.

Max Mindel
Founder, TeslaRumors.com

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  1. 1.Go to the site.

  2. 2.Log in.

  3. 3.Type in the name of the store you want to shop online at and click on it

  4. 4.It will take you to that store.

  5. 5.Look for an extra coupon

  6. 6.Once you are on that online store site, make your purchase like you normally would.

  7. 7.Wait 90 days and get your rebate.

  8. 8.Request it via check or Paypal.