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We think you can!

Did you know that the cost per mile when driving an EV (electric vehicle) is a fraction of what it costs to travel that same mile in a regular gasoline-fueled car?  Electric Vehicles are significantly more efficient.  They’re even more efficient than hybrid vehicles!  As a result, a higher priced car becomes affordable because your cost for gasoline is greatly reduced during your span of ownership.  (We call this Teslanomics).  If you are used to filling up your tank with $50, $60, $70 or even $80 of gasoline, you’ll be pleased to find out that the same 250 to 350 miles that cost $50-$80 in your current car (or the car you plan to buy next) would cost you only $6 to $8!  This of course may vary depending on what electricity costs where you live.  We have actual estimated costs grouped by state.  Some states have electrical costs that are higher than others, nevertheless, the savings are significant.

So ask yourself this, “Do you think gasoline
will go up in price in the years to come?”

If so, are you prepared to pay $5, $6, $7, or even $8 per gallon within the next 5 to 10 years?  I know, I’m not.  I’m tired of paying outrageous prices for gasoline already, and I’m really tired of polluting my environment.  Aren’t you?  You can stop both with Tesla’s new Model S pure EV sedan that comes out in Mid-2012.  Some hybrid cars don’t offer much in the way of style.  It’s almost like it’s a trade off.  But this is not the case with Tesla cars. 


As you can see in the photo below, this car is not some ugly box with 4 wheels; its incredibly beautiful as well as cost-saving! ...and because its electric, Uncle Sam will give you a $7,500 credit towards the cost of this car.  (That’s a 13% savings!) Your state or city may give you more!  P.S.  The longer you hang onto your car, the more you save!

So take a look at the Teslanomics section of our website.  We go into great detail  explaining this and estimating savings with a variety of different car makes.  You’ll be surprised to find that that car you were considering buying, that costs $25,000 or more, may in the long run, cost you about the same or a great deal more than the $57,400 ($49,900 after Federal Credit) Tesla Model S.  What would you rather drive?

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